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After Dark
A sleek new app for all your favorite steamy romance stories.
After Dark features contemporary romance, new adult, urban, LGBTQ, paranormal and tons more, including the sexier stuff you can't always easily discover on Wattpad. It's available to download, for free, on iOS, to those over 17 years old in the UK, US, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and South Africa.
Download it now: w.tt/afterdark
Romance Contest Ideas
A few of you have asked where you can share an idea you have for a Romance contest! To share an idea with us, please fill out this form .
Submissions to Reading Lists and Love Bites
To submit a story to one of our Reading Lists or our Love Bites collection, please fill out this form: http://goo.gl/forms/0nuzLo4w7r
Let us know what you think! Leave us a note telling us what you're looking for.
Thank you <3

2016-06-16 19:02:12

Rickard Amberose

2016-06-16 19:08:39

Nathan from the story My Sexy Kidnapper by livingthethuglyfe

2016-06-16 19:17:53

Eos Geryon Tan of the story For The Love of Eos By JamilleFumah

2016-06-16 19:49:34

Michael from Dark Sanctuary by

2016-06-16 19:56:40

Deathykins from Death is My BFF by

2016-06-16 20:55:06

omg I read that, it's amazing

2016-06-16 21:11:23

Sir Rob Thier is a wonderful author!

2016-06-16 21:20:11

Issac Lahar from "Heartbreaker" by I remember being madly in love with him.

2016-06-16 21:22:29


2016-06-16 21:39:12

Aiden Parker from She's With Me.

2016-06-16 21:39:44

but Rikkard Ambrose is my fave

2016-06-16 22:44:11

Cole Stone

2016-06-17 00:08:46

Brandon Maxfield from Mischievous Mrs. Maxfield by

2016-06-17 02:34:11

Jeydon Lopez of The Four Bad Boys And Me

2016-06-17 07:37:37

yes yes indeed he is

2016-06-17 08:03:57

mine is Cole Stone from The Bad Boy's Girl

2016-06-17 08:08:42

Cole stone. The one and only <3<3<3

2016-06-17 08:16:34

Reece Carter from "the bad boy, cupid & me"

2016-06-17 14:32:44

Elliot from My Fake Boyfriend

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